Mini Rant by a Grammar Nazi


Excerpt from a book I’m currently reading, talking about a woman running from a group of men:

Amelia suddenly charged the men in the lead group. There were three there, one of which was the older man.

Which?  WHOM!  That should be “one of whom was the older man.” Nobody seems to know how to use “whom” any more.

I can’t help it. I was an English major, and I was an English major in college because I have a deep love of the English language. As an English major, grammar was drilled into my head over and over. I know the rules. I also know there are times to break them.

I try to be a little lenient when I’m reading books, particularly by indie writers, because I know that like me, they may have trouble paying for copy editing. However, I also know that there are free resources out there like writer critique groups where you can get a lot of good advice. There are also books out there, and websites, to help you with any grammar questions you might have.

So when I come across certain things in a book, I get this little mental twitch. It’s the same kind of twitch you might get if a fly landed on you and you want to swat it away but you can’t. It’s an irritating twitch.

And what gets me more is that I’ve been reading several indie books lately and I’ve seen this EXACT same error in three of them.

Thus the little mini rant. Please, writers, read Strunk and White’s Elements of Style.

Know which pronoun to use. Thank you.

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One response to “Mini Rant by a Grammar Nazi

  1. I came across an error in an indie book sample recently. The author used “then” instead of “than” in a series of comparisons. The error occurred over and over within the first chapter. I deleted the sample immediately.

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