Read an eBook week–discounts and freebies!


So apparently Smashwords is hosting a week long promotion in celebration of “Read An EBook.” (Apparently Canada is also having a ‘read an eBook’ month).

I’ve decided to participate, and so from now until March 9th (my birthday!), you can get all four of my short story duos for FREE!  Use coupon code RW100: Find all my books here on Smashwords

Also, you can purchase my epic fantasy novel, Heart of the Witch for 75% off–only $1.25.  Use coupon code REW75: Heart of the Witch

Enjoy, and feel free to leave reviews!

e-book week

5 responses to “Read an eBook week–discounts and freebies!

  1. I’m all for supporting fellow authors, hopefully this week promotes well for you! Are you interested by chance in doing a read and review swap with me, where I read your novel and review it, and in turn you do the same for me? If you are interested just shoot me an email. The details are here on my blog Thank you! And good luck again.

    – Cy

    • I’d be willing to read and review your book, but I’ll be honest–I’m reading several books right now, some for review, so there’s no way I would be able to give myself a 2-3 week deadline. My personal life is pretty crazy. I wouldn’t hold you to a deadline either–our books are of similar lengths, it looks like.

      If you’re still interested, let me know what eBook format you prefer and I can send it.

      • That is perfectly fine, I understand completely – the 2-3 week deadline isn’t really something I am adamant about, it is more of a personal goal. So I thank you and I would be happy to do the exchange. I would prefer EPUB or .PDF if either is possible. Which format would you prefer for Dragon’s Disciples? Thank you again.

        – Cy

      • Okay, that sounds good. My email address is, and I’d prefer your novel in MOBI form as I read mostly on my Kindle.

        Can you give me your email address? I can then send an EPUB format.


        –Judy Goodwin

      • My email address is , I sent an email over with the file attached. Just let me know if the file doesn’t operate smoothly, but it is in MOBI form as you requested.
        Thank you again! I hope you enjoy.

        – Cy

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