A Promotion a Day . . .

. . . keeps the zero sales away?  Something like that. I recently came across a great post on Goodreads from a writer who really seems to know how the promoting game is done–she’s given out samples of her books on a ton of websites. I’m now trying to do the same, but I’m keeping it to one new site per day, both so that I can keep my focus on new written words, but also to keep track of how these promotions are going. I’m still waiting on a lot of reviews and it seems things have dragged to a halt lately. Here’s hoping her suggestions garner a few new sales.

I rarely Tweet things–I’m just not a big fan of Twitter, even though I hear it works great for other writers. I do enjoy just putzing around on Goodreads and getting into discussions, and that has actually led to a sale here and there, as well as offers for reviews.

Meanwhile, chapter nineteen of Journey to Landaran is done!  Two more chapters to go . . .

I’m thinking of getting some character sketches done. I despair of gathering up the funds for a decent cover–it’s been very tight lately on the financial side.



10735 / 100000 words. 11% done!

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