Little surprises

I love waking up to a nice surprise.

The surprise was to find a five star review on Goodreads from someone I’ve never met, saying that my book, Heart of the Witch, is now one of her new favorites. Yay me!  The reviewer had won a paperback copy in the giveaway, but there’s no requirement for posting reviews, so I’m grateful for that.

Then I had another surprise, one that I’m not quite as sure how I feel about. Shortly after the review was posted, I look on Amazon and find a used version of my print book being offered at a substantially reduced price. And it’s shipping from the same state where the giveaway winner is. So apparently she’s reselling the book to make a profit.

On the good side, if she succeeds, my book goes to another reader, and hopefully they like it, and word spreads. This then hopefully leads to more legitimate sales. I knew when I sent out free copies that they’d likely get passed around, and that’s a good thing. Writers want there to be word of mouth advertising, and more readers finding you is a very good thing. It’s just weird to know someone else is profiting from it, since I won’t get anything from a used book sale. So a little good, and a little ambivalent, I guess. Yay me?

4 responses to “Little surprises

  1. there was a 5 star review on as well!

  2. That is always great when it happens, I’m glad you got to experience it first thing. 🙂

  3. Most authors I know look at used book sales as an extension of their marketing efforts, as you are doing. I like to think of the used book sales as giving my story a second life, which in turn helps to keep readers interested in me until the next book comes out :).

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