The urge to fiddle

I submitted the cover of Heart of the Witch to the for their indie cover contest. While I didn’t win, I did receive a valuable comment–the artwork was good, but it was overpowering the title. When I look at the print book it actually looks fine, but I did notice that it’s hard to read the title when it’s a tiny GIF on Amazon.

So I startled fiddling a little with it. I enlarged the title a little and played with the dropshadow to make it more clear.

Old version: Image

New version:  (I basically just enlarged the title a bit and made the words stand out more)


So just a minor change, but it does seem to make it more readable as a thumbprint size.

I’m still fiddling with it, which might not be good, but as everyone knows, the cover is the first thing you see.


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