Traditional artwork vs. photomanip for eBook covers?

I’m starting to look at different artists for the cover of my next book, Journey to Landaran. This will be the first book of a planned five book series entitled “The Spirit Mage Saga.”. I’m still writing the last few chapters but I’ve begun the beta reading of the first part of the book and after my experience with my first novel, I’m going to start a lot earlier on the marketing.

This means I need a cover.

I’d love some feedback on one thing in particular. Traditionally, fantasy novels have used painted artwork to showcase the characters and settings. Scenes of castles, fights against monsters, or portraits of main characters have been common. Nowadays, however, particularly in YA fiction, I’m seeing a lot of photo-manipped images or photographs of the main character (typically a girl). Or the other alternative that seems popular lately is the solitary symbol, such as in The Hunger Games or Game of Thrones.

Which do you think is more eye-catching and popular? I’m going to borrow a couple images from two artists that I’m considering. They’re both on, and they have decent rates for commissions.

Here’s a sample of a traditional painting by Cyprinus:


And here’s a photomanip done by Echosilver:




Goal update:



6612 / 100000 words. 7% done!

Very close to my weekly goal last week–1902 words, just a little below the goal of 2000. Considering that I’m still having to take time off work to care for someone post surgery, that’s not too awful.

Wish I could say sales are doing well, but things there have been rather quiet. I’ve reduced my eBook to $4.99 to see if that helps at all. I’m still debating the whole KDP Select and if that would help at all.

2 responses to “Traditional artwork vs. photomanip for eBook covers?

  1. Both are beautiful, but I prefer the traditional drawing myself…

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