Last days for Amazon FREE PROMO: Short story “Noon”


As I recover from the holidays and the mad rush to get out my fantasy novel, it seems that my KDP promotion with Amazon is about to run out for “Noon”, my short story about a man who loses his shadow. So, today and tomorrow, you get download it FREE from Amazon! Enjoy the holiday promotion!


Only five minutes before he was due back at his desk, Edward calculated. He tried to brush past the young lady, but she grabbed his collar. “I saw it, your soul. It a-running back to the one who stole it. Somebody put the voodoo onto you.” Her voice was low and grave, the black pits of her eyes drawing him in. The world dimmed around him. He staggered.

“It was my shadow, not my soul, and I don’t believe in voodoo. Let me go,” he said, trying to pull free. The woman smelled of chocolate and coconut, an intoxicating combination.

 “Don’t matter what you believe. Somebody wants you dead. You go a whole day no soul, you will be. I’d be a looking for my enemies, I was you.” She let go of his shirt and smiled, chuckling, then turned away from him and settled back on the top step, crossing her legs in a demure way that only made them more alluring.

Edward could barely make out her next words, muffled as she took a draw of whatever her friends were smoking, “You decide you need some help, you come back here and maybe I help you. For a price.”

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