One day left! Character sketch: Mira Terwin

ONLY ONE DAY LEFT until my debut novel Heart of the Witch is out in eBook form!  Today I’m madly trying to correct formatting issues in the conversion to mobi, epub, etc. What a headache!  Who knew italics could throw everything off?  Anyways, as promised, here is my last character sketch and bio:


Mira Terwin is the only daughter of slave trader Edmond Terwin, a man who began hunting slaves in the military outpost of Depin and has made a fortune sending them back to the Motherland, Endersey. With her father and two older brothers constantly watching over her, Mira grew up sheltered and overprotected. She spent most of her time with her Nanna, a slave woman named Moiabu who had been captured herself as a young girl. Nanna has taught Mira many of the tribal ways, including her language and the customs of her people. It is Mira’s dream to break free of the oppressive watch of her father and brothers and to stop the slave trade. Mira is headstrong, optimistic, and strong in her beliefs of a higher power which guides her. While she knows of the Mother Goddess that the Putna tribes worship, she is also steady in her faith of her own church, and sings in the choir. Men say she has a sultry voice, but Mira doesn’t consider herself attractive, with red frizzy hair and freckles.

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