Countdown character sketch #2: Zerrick Dhur

So as I said, as I count down the days to the release of HEART OF THE WITCH, I’m posting character sketches and bios. Today I’m featuring the main character of the novel, Zerrick Dhur. Born the second son of the Reverend Delwar Dhur, Zerrick has the misfortune to be gifted with magical ability in a society that burns witches at the stake.


Zerrick is curious and artistic, which helps him in his understanding of the chaotic energies of magic. Unfortunately, these are not traits of worth to his father, nor his community. Letters don’t behave for him so his reading skills are poor, which is a problem in a family of clergymen. Zerrick’s secret passion is the jungle, and he desperately wants to follow the steps of his mentor and friend, Alden, who was an explorer for many years before settling down as the town herbalist. Fear holds Zerrick back; both fear of his father, and lack of confidence in himself, his abilities. He tends to keep to himself and can be moody and brooding at times. He hates his fine features, which only encourage his mother’s smothering attention.  Most of all, Zerrick wishes to be free of his family and the town of Harrow.

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