It’s almost here!

I’ve been quiet lately because I’m madly at work doing final tweaks to my book, Heart of the Witch, which will be available at Amazon for the Kindle on December 21. Just a preview–I have three of my drawings in the book, including this one which I just finished two days ago, of Mok, the old wily scout of the Put-na tribe:


Mok has a colorful past–he traveled the coastline of Argessa with a white colonist named Alden, sharing knowledge of his tribal ways while also learning about the colonial ways and language. However, when the colonists began enslaving his people, he hurried back to his tribe, only to find out that they had all been killed or taken. As the sole remaining member of the tribe of Besprii, Mo wandered the land alone for years until settling down with the Kutjali tribe. He never forgot his friendship with Alden, however. When Alden’s apprentice, Zerrick Dhur, ventures far beyond the colonial lands and is taken prisoner by the Kutjali, Mok steps in to take the young man under his wing.

Look for more character profiles and sketches in the next week! And again, if you are interested in reading and reviewing the book, please let me know and I’d be happy to supply a copy in whatever format you like.

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