Review: The Quince Tree Blooms Again by Elide Bors and Liana Vrajitoro Andreasen


Title: The Quince Tree Blooms Again

Authors: Elide Bors and Liana Vrajitoro Andreasen

Genre: General, historical, memoire

Publisher: Softege Publications, 2012

Pages: 152

I find it fascinating to read about other times and other cultures. Life was very different in the early half of the twentieth century, and this story captures it all, from a destitute childhood to the many romances that defined this woman’s life. Set in what I believe is either Romania or the Czech Republic,the story has a European flavor in both the places visited and in the style of the language. Ellie has quite an unusual life, with many ups and downs. She meets man after man, but it isn’t in men where Ellie finds strength, but in something else entirely. Her ‘voice’ in the book is inspirational and passionate,and I found that the emotions pulled me forward. This was an easy read.

To those who like family saga, historical fiction and true-life memoirs, I would definitely recommend this.

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