Press Release: Debut Fantasy Novel

Posting a copy of the press release I just sent the local news organizations to my blog here.


Local Writer Publishing Debut Fantasy Novel “Heart of the Witch”

After the controversy that surrounded fantasy blockbusters like Harry Potter, one might hesitate to address religion and magic in fiction. Not true for author Judy Goodwin. In the release of her first novel, Heart of the Witch. Goodwin tackles western religion and American history head on in her fantasy story, which asks the question, “Is magic a force for good, or evil?”

Zerrick Dhur feels the call of magic in a newly colonized land where witches are burned at the stake. Unfortunately, it is his father, the Reverend who leads the religious furor. Zerrick must find a way to escape and choose whether to renounce or embrace his newfound power. Only by travelling deep into the strange continent can Zerrick find the source of magic and understand what it means to be a witch.

Zerrick’s world shares similarities to our own world’s period of colonial expansion, and the questions which can emerge when different cultures collide. Goodwin based the language and culture from a mixture of Native American and Australian Aborigine origins. One character in particular will amuse readers with his laid back wisdom, Mok, an old scout who befriends Zerrick and becomes his guide.

Goodwin, a native of Arizona, grew up in a mixture of cultures. Her ancestors came out to Arizona in the late 1800’s in a covered wagon, and the Goodwin family was one of the founding families of Tempe, where she grew up. She has had short stories published in several small press magazines. One of her poems was nominated for the Rhysling Award in 2005.

Heart of the Witch will be available in eBook form on December 21, 2012. The print version will be available from Amazon on January 10th, 2013, courtesy of Diamond Print Press. Judy Goodwin is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at

Profile:  Judy Goodwin was born in Phoenix, grew up in Tempe, and earned her degree in Creative Writing at the University of Arizona. She lives in Gilbert with her daughter, four cats and three dogs and keeps busy with gardening, drawing and local charity work. Besides writing fiction, Ms. Goodwin was a technical writing consultant for Arizona agencies, including the Arizona Department of Education and the Area Agency on Aging, Region One in Phoenix.




Judy Goodwin

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