Eagerly awaiting my proof of the novel

Well it’s done–the print cover for my ARC (Advanced Review Copy) has been sent to Createspace, and I’ve ordered a proof so that I can see how it all looks like in print. I’m worried that some of my fonts on the cover may be below 300dp and blurry, so I guess I’ll see how it turns out. This is my first time doing any of this, so it’s both exciting and nerve-wracking!

I’m very grateful to Jennette Green who wrote How to Format Book Covers for Print Publisher in 8 Simple Steps. Her guide for using Createspace templates and converting to CYMK color and making pdfs probably saved a lot of my hair from being pulled out, though the process was still very involved, even with my computer and art knowledge. I’m so happy I have Photoshop, even if it’s an older version. I can’t imagine trying to create my own cover without it. Another of her books also guided me through the interior formatting of the book, and it was highly valuable there too. I totally recommend it, especially those beginning writers out there who can’t shell out tons of money for Adobe Creative Suite; her instructions were for Word.

While I’m waiting for the proof, I’ve also been working on the marketing side, sending out requests to review the novel. I’ve also prepared a press release to send to local news outlets. It’s a brave new world, being your own publisher.

My next post, I hope to be ready to announce my new website.

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