Poem: Rapunzel



By Judy Goodwin

My hair is flowing long;

Too long to cut, too long

To see through

Into a world choked with dust

And a shaggy dog

Licking the feet of its master

On a faded leather couch.

My husband stole my scissors;

He said I might cut myself.

My hair is dragging me down;

It snags on furniture,

Pulling sharp at my scalp,

And drags along the floor . . .

Whorls of dust cling to the curls.

I writhe, twisting to touch

The doorknob and

Fly free into the night, but

Hair wraps around my legs.

I am caught in my own web.

High in a tower, gazing down

On tiny ants snarled in endless traffic—

Such smooth walls, so shiny

For a lover to climb to my side.

I scream for help from the

Window washer, but he turns;

I am invisible.

Perhaps one day

My hair will grown long enough,

Twisting, snarling down floor after floor

Capturing pigeons, wrapping around

Light posts, until either

It pulls me

Soaring to my death

Or chokes the world

Entrapping me.

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