Dystopian Dreams


I caught at least part of the second episode of “Revolution” last night, and for some reason, I was underwhelmed. I guess after some of the blockbusters of dystopian worlds like Hunger Games or even The Stand, I wanted a little more of the actual disaster and less personal drama. The show is already starting to remind me of “Lost” which lost my attention after the second season. Ah well–and the previews looked so promising!

For me, there’s just something appealing in the dystopian novel about watching how people react when their world comes to an end. I know there’s a trend right now in looking at societies several years after calamity, such as in Hunger Games, and certainly there’s an appeal there as well. Perhaps most people don’t want to face the reality that everything we know, everything we trust could come to a screeching halt with just one cataclysmic event. The new society that forms after the event assuages us that no matter what happens, humans manage to survive and create a new system. Perhaps we need that reassurance.

I don’t.

One thing I do find interesting in this day where we are dreaming up all these apocalyptic scenarios is that this end of the world thinking is taking place at when electronic publishing is blossoming. So many new stories, new books, new dreams.

In other news I’m getting ready to release two more short stories electronically, packaged together:

“Noon”:  When Ed loses his shadow, will voodoo save the day? Or will he meet his death when the clock strikes noon . . .

“On Parole”  It’s 2054 and Randal Krevitz wants a family.  The only problem is his partying past. He must pass inspection with the local Department of Family Planning, or remain ‘on parole’ forever.

Tentative date available:  October 2 on Amazon, Barns and Noble, and Smashwords.

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