Review: 77 Days in September by Gorham


Author:  Ray Gorham

Genre:  Dystopian/Action

Available on Kindle

Everyone has a secret vice.  Mine happens to be disaster movies; I eat them up eagerly, from asteroids hitting the earth to volcanoes in Los Angeles. I love stories that throw our modern world into chaos and force people to get back to the basis of survival.

I’ve found there is a whole new bunch of these kinds of stories out there in indie publishing, called the ‘dystopian’ genre. From economic collapse to the Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) stories, There are a fair number of these stories which seem to be particularly tied to Preppers, those preparing for imminent disaster.

77 Days in September is one such novel, but I found it also appealed to a more general audience. It has a classic disaster movie type of beginning–the protagonist is on board a flight out of Dallas to return to Montana where his family lives. Terrorists shoot off a nuclear warhead high in the atmosphere over the U.S., sending out an electromagnetic wave that fries everything electrical, from cars to cell phones. The plane crashes, but our hero survives.

The rest of the story is his struggle to return to his family.

I could see some areas where the writing could have been a little stronger, but overall, this was a very good first novel, and I enjoyed it. The characters are believable and likeable, and Kyle’s struggles are real. There was a moment or two where I wanted to shout at Kyle or his wife, “They’re bad!  Don’t trust ’em!” But that’s part of the fun of these types of stories.

The length of the novel was just right for me, and the suspense held right up until the end, which was very good.

I definitely recommend this.

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