Blurb for “Heart of the Witch” novel

I’m brushing up on my graphic design skills and Photoshop abilities, as I’ve just received the hi-res illustration for my novel.  YAY!!! I’ll have the ebook cover up here in a few days after I’ve tinkered with it a bit. The full print version I won’t be able to finalize until I’m sure about the width of the spine. I’ve discovered how to find new fonts, ways to play with fonts in Publisher, and how to manipulate them like images to work with the background in Photoshop. I’m on a tight budget, so basically I’m doing all the layout, though I did hire an artist for the actual illustration.  It looks really cool.

In working on the cover, of course I also had to consider the back of the print version, with the all important “blurb.” I’ve been listening to other writers talking about using active language, I’ve read and typed out blurbs from other fantasy novels on my bookshelf, and hopefully what I’ve come up with will be enough to draw in readers. I swear, the writing part of being a writer is the easy part. It’s the marketing that I find challenging.

Draft Blurb for Heart of the Witch:

Zerrick Dhur holds a dangerous secret. As the Pastor’s son, it is his duty to uphold Iahmel’s ways, the ways of the church. But he practices magic, feels it singing to him through the jungle outside the colonial town walls. As witch burning fever strikes his home town, Zerrick must decide whether to stay true to his father’s words, or follow the calling of his heart. In his journey, darkness and madness threatens. An untrained witch can lose his or her grip on reality.

He meets several other lost souls in his search to tame the wild magic. A young woman with visions. An old native scout. A hidden city of magic users. As he draws nearer and nearer to the truth, he fears he will also have to face his greatest nightmare, the Ravenger, a demon of unspeakable power.

In the end, Zerrick must decide whether witchcraft will lead him to goodness . . . or to evil.

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