Publishing Short Stories

Three things to mention today.

First, I am SO EXCITED to see what Dean Wesley Smith has been talking about on his blog here:  I’ve Created a Monster . On his blog, he has pictures of short stories published in print form via CreateSpace.  They look phenomenal. It suddenly makes me want to revamp my own short stories to put into print form.  I had already planned to do some anthologies of about five stories or so each, but now that I see how a 7000 word short story can look in printed form, it makes me wonder if I should do that for all my short stories.

Meanwhile with my novel, Heart of the Witch, I’ve been having beta readers help me fine tune the language and the illustrator continues to develop the cover. I estimate that by September I’ll be in full swing to work the formatting of the entire thing, first in ebook form, and then in print.  I still get to figure out how to order ARC’s and promote the book to get some blurbs, etc.  The marketing side in particular is going to be a steep learning curve for me.

And last, for those who have read my most popular short story, “A Troll Under Golden Gate Bridge”, I am now working on a sequel, entitled “Fairies at Fisherman’s Wharf.” I actually am now planning to do a long running series with Cathy Pembroke, Fae Enforcement Specialist.

A little preview here:

My name is Cathy Pembroke.  I live in Oakland, California, and I hunt monsters from Fae.

About six months back, I had to fight a troll who had taken over the Golden Gate Bridge, and afterwards, it took me nearly a week to find my trusty sword along the shoreline, and then an additional two weeks for me to clean the rust from it.  The city of San Francisco was safe, however, and my partner Robert Tucker and I managed to earn an award or two from the mayor of San Francisco and the governor of California. Cathy Pembroke, slayer of trolls.  Who would have thought it?

Our division was starting to wind down a little from the initial flurry of activity when the gates to Faerie opened up.  Sure, there was still the occasional mermaid sighting in the Bay or goblins trying to knock up the local Seven Eleven, but at least there hadn’t been any dragons or other large destructive creatures plaguing the city recently.  I’d almost started to relax.

Bad idea, of course.

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