The busy writing life

First of all I want to announce that after looking at over thirty different artists’ portfolios, I’ve found the artist who will be doing the cover of my upcoming novel, Heart of the Witch.  I’m very excited to be working with him, and I want to send thanks to all the artists over at!  It’s a great site, by the way, if you’re looking for freelance work.

Meanwhile I find it interesting that while my writing pursuits have been taking off lately.  In the last couple months I’ve written a few chapters and finished a novella where in the year before that I wrote almost nothing.  I’ve learned about indie publishing and new communities.  All while my personal life has been going through the ringer and my salary-paying job has been surrounded by layoffs.

So why is it that when life is crazy my muses are going crazy as well?  Or do writers simply thrive on conflict?

I think this is actually a valid question.  To me, emotion seems to drive me to write, and strong emotions can equal strong urges to write.  It becomes almost cathartic in that sense.  The trick then is just to eke out the time to do the actual writing.  That tends to be the greatest challenge.

Who needs sleep anyway?


One response to “The busy writing life

  1. I think conflict is the stuff of life so we need it to be successful writers. Strange but true. And congratulations on your epublishing!

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