Another short story: Name of a King

Here is an excerpt from my latest e-published short story, “Name of a King.”

Emotions raged in tight ball in her gut. Cradling the infant against her bosom, Cybele glanced at the messenger standing at the door to the grand bedroom, as servants rushed to dress her husband in his armor, strapping vambraces on his arms, draping his scarlet cloak emblazoned with the seven-pointed Star of the Realm on his back.

“Armandus, you can’t be thinking of joining Lord Tyrell!” Cybele said in a choked whisper, eyeing the messenger. Only a week ago she had given birth to a son, heir to the throne. He was to be Named in three days, when the Fates would be at their peak influence on the child, and the King would miss it. He was going to leave for his precious war.

Available at Kindle and Smashwords:


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