Trials of an online business

So I’m currently working on painting the cover of my next short story to be epublished, and the painting is going well–it’s nice to actually have a use for all those art classes I took in college.  It’s just a simple watercolor, but it gives me hope that I’ll actually have the skills to create a lot of my own covers.  Here’s a sketch of one of the elements in the painting:


My sketch for “Purple Irises”

And then I run headlong into that one issue that any online business can encounter.  Somebody has hacked into my Amazon account. I see two emails for purchases I never made–one of which even has a different person’s billing address.  Happily, I don’t see any unusual charges on my bank or credit card accounts.

Several panicked moments ensue, during which I attempt to access my Amazon account, only to find out that not only does my password change every time I attempt to log in, but also the email address associated with the account changes as well.  I end up calling Amazon to fix the problem and live without access for twenty-four hours.

Things are back to normal again, thankfully, but it is a harsh reminder of how delicate our online interactions can be.  I love the convenience of epublishing, of doing my banking and shopping online, etc.  But I can’t forget that at any instant, it could all go to hell.  Then again, stores can burn down.  An asteroid could hit the Earth and none of us would ever have to worry about any kind of business ever again.

I guess I just have to remember that the world is transient and to enjoy everything I have.

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