Short Story on sale: Troll Under Golden Gate Bridge


Just an announcement that I’ve put up the second short story pack on Amazon.  This includes two stories, “A Troll Under Golden Gate Bridge” and “Damsel in Distress”, both previously published in small circulation magazines.

I also have to say it felt so good this morning to look at my Amazon account and see that I’ve already sold a copy!

In other news I have been hard at work not only reformatting past short stories to get up on Amazon, but also writing new work.  I have a short story that I am currently working on which is an interesting mix of science, fantasy, and the paranormal.  A psychology student begins to have dreams that she is the daughter of a Mayan priest, near the breakdown of the Mayan civilization.  By day, she watches the slow breakdown of our current civilization and wonders if there is a connection.

So is there?

I think there is.  The Mayan people (and this has absolutely NOTHING to do with their whole calendar and the world is going to end on 12/21/12 yada yada), became too numerous in a land that had limited resources to support them.  A series of droughts and war between cities eventually wiped them out as a cutlure.

Around the globe, we are now facing a similar situation.  There are too many people for the Earth to support.

Going forward, I think a lot of my stories are going to deal with this theme, because I think it is important.

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