Humor and Science Fiction

First an announcement:  I have made my official debut into epublishing, with the release of a previously published short story (and unpublished bonus story) at Smashwords:

Eight Minutes Before the End of the World

This is a humorous science fiction tale about what happens when an alien says “Oops.”  I’ve combined this previously published short story with a bonus, unpublished story “The Emergence” about a sentient ship in love with her captain.  Go read and enjoy!

So now of course the follow up task?  Work on the next short story collection to be epublished.  And the next.  My goal is to get five short stories up at Kindle and Smashwords for sale in the next five weeks.  I’ll create a full anthology from those, and publish that.  And then I get to tackle the novel.  My main concern there is finding and hiring a copy editor to have a final look at it.  I know that I have a tendency to get a little word happy at times.  I create run-on sentences. So it would be nice to have that looked at, but then yes, it’s full force into the world of indie publishing!

Meanwhile, I am about 3/4 through my next book, which will begin a series of about four or five books.  I plan to continue writing short stories to send out to the larger markets while working on books.  I’ve begun outlining the sequel to my first novel, which I will start writing soon, so that I have two books in progress at once.  I wish I could say I was a fast writer, but I’m not really.  Or more accurately, I don’t have time to write as many words a day as I would like.  Currently I’m writing about 2500 words a week, on various projects. My goal is to double that.

Unfortunately all this work has left me with not a lot to say on the day’s topic.  I do plan to post some poetry later this week to the blog, and I think I’ll also try to get up my thoughts on the latest movie I watched–The Raven.  Excellent film, by the way.

But to speak for just a little about the combination of humor and science fiction, my stance is this.

Why not?

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