Breaking in the Blog

First of all, a little about me.

I am a writer.

Understand that this is a self-definition, unfettered by any societal labels or requirements.  Technically, if one judges by traditionally published pieces, I’m not much of a writer.  I’ve had a handful of short stories published in various markets, one nomination for a poetry award, and no books sold to a major publisher (as of yet).  My work has appeared in a few anthologies, and I’m just getting geared up to start my own publishing company in epublishing.  If you squint and look deeply, you’ll also find my work in a fair number of contracted work including research for the Agency on Aging (AoA) Performance Outcomes Measures Project (POMP), policies and procedures in my state’s Department of Transportation, and taking minutes for a state senate task force on English Language Learners.  Even taking all that into consideration, I’m not well known.

However, deep in my heart, I am still a writer.  I wrote my first book (all ten illustrated pages of it) when I was six, entitled “Houses” which was actually a poem.  When I was nine, my English teacher had us create our own books bound with wallpaper for dust jackets and lovingly hand-sewn pages.  I made two.  I wrote a 60,000 word novellette when I was twelve, and then a 150,000 book in high school, which I later stuck in a drawer knowing I’d never be able to sell it.  I then started work in college on a novel that I have yet to sell but that I actually do still like, and plan to epublish.  On the path from that day to now, I ran into several little patches of quicksand which delayed my writing career:  school, family, divorce, loss of job, new jobs, new relationships.  I have never, however, lost that conviction and that passion for writing.  Things slowed me, but never stopped me.

And so here I am now, twenty years later.  And this, my blog, is where I’ll continue to post on various topics, including reviews things I’ve read, other blogs I think writers and readers should take note of, contemplations on various trends and news items in current society, and comments on the writing life.

I welcome any comments and feedback.

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